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Mis Top 5 Artes Marciales Favoritas

Hay muchos diferentes estilos de artes marciales, y con la nueva generación de MMA en la cual todos los tipos de artes marciales consiguen ser moldeados en uno solo. Sin embargo, yo soy más tradicionalista. Las artes marciales en esta lista no son sólo acerca de su funcionalidad. Me gustan las artes marciales en esta …

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My Top 5 Favorite Martial Arts

There are many different martial arts styles, and with the new generation of MMA they kind of all get molded into one. I am more of a traditionalist, though. The martial arts on this list are not just about their functionality. I like the martial arts on this list for their aesthetic beauty as well …

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Ebook Coupons @ Smashwords Thru June 30th

Books are now half off @ Smashwords is an online ebook saler where you can download books in multiple formats for multiple devices. The file formats include PDF, Epub (Android), Mobi (Kindle) and others. You will have to have a smashwords account, but they are free to create.  The coupon codes are as follows: …

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How does martial arts address the 3 types of learning?

In education and as human beings, learning is broken up into three groups. Visual learning is done by seeing the example. Reading is visual learning, but so is watching someone give a presentation. Auditory learning is done by hearing the example. Listening to a lecture can be one way of auditory learning as can hearing …

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The Way That Martial Arts Helped Me Make My Life Better

By William Gentry I began practicing martial arts when I was about 6 years old. I saw the movie, “The Karate Kid,” and I absolutely fell in love with the Martial Arts after that. I spent much of the next school year reenacting moves from Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damm and other movies with …

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French Bread Pizza (Without a Conventional Oven)

This one has definitely been done before, but the difference here lies in that we don’t have an oven. Therefore, getting creative is a must. Pizza is a great way to work in several ingredients, and the farmers market down the street does deals on what they sell all the time. Making delicious and inexpensive …

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Massaman Curry Caribeña (Español)

Este curry, es originario de Tailandia, en el cual se incorporarán tanto la receta original como ingredientes básicos de Costa Rica como yuca, plátanos, carne  desmechada y tamarindo. El tamarindo se puede considerar un ingrediente que podemos encontrar en ambos lugares; sin embargo, el sabor del tamarindo difiere ligeramente de la variedad asiática, a la …

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Okonomiyaki Costarricense (Español)

Este plato viene a nosotros de la provincia de Hiroshima, Japón, es una toma japonesa sabrosa y adaptable en la pizza, y a todo el mundo le encanta la pizza. Tradicionalmente, Okonomiyaki está hecho de una harina que se combina con el ñame de las  montañas japonésas conocido como nagaimo. Este ñame junto con la …

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Kung Fu Panda Talent Show Presentation

The first class was held atop the Poas Volcano in Alajuela Province, Costa Rica. The final performance after a little more than one month of practice.

Demo & Tai Chi Practice

This demo was held at Sunview School in Costa Rica for grades 1 through 6. Fun stuff! The Tai Ji Fan performance was not my best, but the kids really just liked listening to the popping noise the fan produces when it unfolds. After the demo, we had a little Tai Chi practice (Yi Chuan really). …

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