Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Best Martial Artists of All Time

This article will forgo including fighters from the modern era, but of course honorable mentions go out to George St. Pierre, Randy Couture and Anderson Silva. All three great pioneers in their given martial arts styles being ground and pound, wrestling, and Muay Thai/BJJ respectively. I wouldn’t include Fedor here, because he is for the …

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Learn 15 Postures Tai Chi with William Gentry

A Simple Form to Start 15 Postures Yang Style Tai Chi is a very easy way to begin learning Tai Chi. It is one of the shortest forms, and the movements are not terribly complex. As you progress to learn Tai Chi, you will find that there are several more complicated transitions and stances. The …

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Learning to Fall with KKF

It Could Save Your Life Learning to fall is truly something that has the potential to save your life, or the life of your child. It will most certainly help you avoid suffering from greater injuries, and it is simply worth knowing. Everyone will at some point suffer a fall. That is life. Whether you …

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