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What are your training goals? Why are you killing yourself?

There are so many different fitness programs out there now, but how many of them are realistic for people. Training to the point where your entire life centers around that one thing could easily send you into the duldrums, or worse; to burnout. When you train so hard all the time with that single focus, …

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Oops! Tai Chi Transi-er-Mistakes

This video (part 2) is the product of a bad audio track caused by the heavy winds that blow in Costa Rica from around the middle of November until the middle of January. After shooting, I started to edit the video with viva video editor (for android or iPhone) before realizing that you couldn’t actually …

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10 Razones Para Practicar Artes Marciales

Las Artes Marciales son sin duda una manera excelente y positiva de fomentar el buen comportamiento, la disciplina y la salud en los niños, pero no son beneficiosas solo para los niños. Equilibrar La mejor manera de ganar equilibrio físico es a través de un conjunto de ejercicios que centra su atención, y le permite …

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Kung Fu Karate Tae Kwon Do

Kung Fu Vs. Karate Vs. Tae Kwon Do

These three styles have several similarities, but there are fundamental differences across the board. Kung Fu finds its roots as a martial art (the words by themselves are often used in everyday speech to represent good work done) in China. Its most famous temples are found in the shaolin mountains, but throughout the land of …

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Los Mejores Artistas Marciales de todos los Tiempos

Este artículo no incluye combatientes de la era moderna, pero, por supuesto, menciones de honor para George St. Pierre, Randy Couture y Anderson Silva. Los tres grandes pioneros en sus estilos de artes marciales siendo piso y golpe, lucha libre y Muay Thai / BJJ, respectivamente. No podría incluir Fedor aquí, porque es en su mayor …

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The Martial Arts as a Road Map to Peace

“The only enemy is self, and the only wealth is health,” anonymous. If we took the time to recognize this on a daily basis, each and every person would be making a concerted effort to bring peace into their lives. All the battles that we fight outside of ourselves amount in very little. All the …

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