Creating a Home Gym the Easy Way – Part 1

The Push Up/Pull Up Bar

The first place to start when putting together your equipment for a home gym is the push up/pull up bar. This versatile piece of equipment can serve as the crux of your work-out routines. There are so many great body weight exercises, and you will be able to generally build all the strength you need from body weight exercises. Some excellent body weight exercises include burpees, squats, calf-raises, push-ups, pull-ups, chair hamstring contractions, dips, wall sits, and the list goes on.

The Push up/Pull Up bar will help you get the most out of those body weight exercises. It can also serve as a motivational piece of equipment. I know that sounds weird, but once you start usig it you’ll understand what I mean. You also don’t have to start out in the full push up position, or by using all of your body weight while doing a pull up.

Where Can I Get One?

Amazon, of course! Below are a variety of push up/pull up bars, and some individual push up bars. They all can be great pieces of equipment, but you might want to start with the simplest one of the group if you are new to working out. If that is the case, either the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pull Up Bar or the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar would be good choices. The ProSource Multi-Grip Bar would be a good one if you want to throw a lot of different positions into you pull up training.

Or You Might Want to Fail

Unless you want to make a video that is sure to make people laugh, I would not recommend the type of pull up bar that you wedge between your door frame. They are simply a recipe for disaster as shown below:

Decrease Your Workload Accordingly

Depending on where you are physically, a pull up bar remains a good piece of equipment for all body types and ages. If you are getting on in years, don’t try to use it with all of your body weight as mentioned before. You can set it up in a doorway, and never leave the ground. I know that sounds ridiculous to some, but even moderate strain on your muscles will help them maintain as you age. 

You may also want to work with less weight if you are coming off a day of more difficult training. People train with different daily regimes. In other words, some people train one day and rest the next. I personally like to train two days and rest one. Then I train one day and rest one before starting another two day training. If I train hard the first day, I take it easy the second and vice versa.

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