Creating A Home Gym the Easy Way – Part 2

Tension Straps

In the first installment of Creating A Home Gym we looked at the push up/pull up bar, but this time around we are looking at tension straps. Tension straps are far more versatile, and probably the best apparatus for working out if you are travelling without access to a gym. They can be used with or without a door anchor. The benefits of using tension straps in conjunction with a door anchor is that you can perform a large variety of exercises by simply moving its position in the door.

Workout Bands

Tension straps are also sometimes known as workout bands, and there is a fair amount of variety to be found at stores and through online sources. Some are primarily used in conjunction with yoga and pilates routines. Others are more akin to the tension straps that will be discussed in this article. This variety of tension strap can be used in conjunction with the aforementioned door anchor, and has many different exercises that you might find in a weight room or when using machines at a gym.

Isometric Exercise

One of the major advantages that should be examined with regard to tension straps is the way you can implement isometric exercise while working out. Arnold Schwarzenegger often talked about working a muscle against a muscle in a way when he spoke about searching for a pump. Isometrics are generally achieved in a workout by holding a position. With tension straps you can hold anyone position to achieve the desired affect with greater or less resistance depending on the thickness of the strap.


There are two products that you can easily find in the states. One is online, and it is the highest quality tension strap on the market. It comes from, and can also be purchased internationally. The Ultimate Pro Gym is the most economical selection of there many products including a large array of weighted workout bands. This line of products is also carried by Academy Sports.

Gold’s Gym

The second product is one that might be considered a replacement for any tension straps that wear out. Tension bands wear out with time (even those of good quality). The Gold’s Gym 3-Level Resistance Tube Kit can be purchased at Walmart and Walmart online. The bands are not rated in terms of weight like the higher quality ones from GoFit, but they work well for a very tight budget. The set comes with a bag, but it does not have a door anchor. The anchor is a crucial part of the total package, because you are limited to only a few exercises without it.

Variety of Exercises

A short list of exercises that can be done with resistance bands and the door anchor include:

  • Squats
  • Standing Bench Press
  • Standing Butterfly Chest Crosses
  • Seated or Standing Rows
  • Kneeling Stomach Crunches
  • Military Presses
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Flexes

And many more discussed in the “Three Basic Exercise Routines,” video from Kindie Kung Fu. Tension Straps, Workout Bands, Resistance Tubes or whatever you want to call them are probably the most economically sound pieces of exercise equipment that you can add to create a home gym that functions with a fair amount of adaptability.