Top Martial Arts Shoes

Fei Yue Martial Arts Shoes

Top Martial Arts Shoes

These are some of the top all around Martial Arts shoes out there. I started wearing them in college, and would recommend them to all practitioners in all styles. They are as versatile in application as you can expect to find from any martial arts shoes. Whether you want to practice Kung Fu, Tai Chi, MMA or just take them for a walk, the shoe fits the bill.

Adaptable to MUCH MORE than just MA

Their adaptability extends beyond the realm of martial arts, as well. When I first started wearing Fei Yue’s in 2005, I noticed their grip right away. The rubber sole caters to martial arts practitioners, but I could see how they might be useful outside of the dojo. The university gymnasium at Evergreen had a pretty good rock climbing room which had been converted from a racquetball court (probably another medium where these shoes could be of value).

How about Parkour 

Rock climbing served as a gateway for me to see that these shoes could be utilized in many ways. Parkour is another great example of where you’ll want to be wearing Fei Yue Martial Arts Shoes. The video below from TappBrothers goes into some of the reasons why this shoe works out so well in Parkour. They can easily be applied to Tricking, also. 

Sizes, Styles and Colors

From the pictures and videos you can see that these shoes generally come in black and white. You can also find several different color combinations if you dig around in amazon a bit further. I personally like the black low-tops the best. They come in high-top varieties for a little bit more ankle support if that is something you look for in a training shoe. I cannot personally say how much support this adds. The lite weight canvas suggests that it might not be too much. 

The sizes are sometimes reported in different lengths based on parameters set up to account for measurement systems used in places like the European Union or elsewhere. You might want to take a look at a conversion chart before buying online. For the particular page that is linked in this article, the sizes are reported in EU standards from 32-47 depending on product availability.

Final Thoughts

These shoes are pretty inexpensive as was mentioned in the video, and they are also quite durable despite the level of wear and tear that regularly accompanies the kinds of activities where you’ll be wanting to use them. The prices, the versatility and the general aesthetic of the shoe make this a best buy for martial artists. These shoes can also be utilized for sports and activities that lie somewhere outside of the MA box. Fei Yue’s are quite comfortable as a general walking around shoe to boot. 5 STARS

Review by William Gentry