Tai Chi Transitions (learning the form from scratch)

Learning Something New

Any new undertaking can come with a few bumps in the road, and even though Tai Chi seems like a very simple and straightforward exercise, that isn’t always the case. Some people will be able to pick up most of a new form on the first try, and aren’t they lucky. Most people will take several attempts before any of their movements will begin to resemble what the teacher and more experienced students are doing.

How does this video help?

This video attempts to show you how to break down the form and movements into simple and easy to replicate techniques that you can practice almost anywhere. Learning one movement or one section of the form at a time can be as easy as taking a little five minute break while at the office or elsewhere, and it will greatly contribute to reducing on the job stress.

Healthy Exercise and Much More

Tai Chi is of course great for many more reasons than just stress relief. The pitfalls and aches and pains that come with aging are in effect reduced to even ameliorated by the practice of Tai Chi. Harvard medical studies have proved time and again that this martial art is a great answer to problems including arthritis, cancer and heart failure. 

Let’s take a look at some of the simple ways that you can start learning the postures and transitions in an easy and effective manner.

Three Key Points

There are three main points mentioned in the video that you should keep in mind while practicing Tai Chi, and those are as follows:

  • You don’t need to do the whole form to practice
  • Go as slow or fast as you need to go (find out what pace feels right for you)
  • Pay attention to your alignment (Is your back straight? Are you bending your knee too much? etc.)